Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last teeth brushing with braces

Well, I'm brushing my teeth for the last time with braces installed.  In a few hours, my braces will be gone and tomorrow replaced by retainers.


Anonymous said...

How is it going? I have followed your journey for more than a year.. Im also in braces.. best wishes!

Ria said...

Congratulations! I'm glad you're finally free :)

karen chang said...

How do you brush your teeth while having braces?

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Braces Later said...

Typically the same way as normal Karen. You just do it longer and also brush down and up as well as the normal way.

Braces Later said...

Thank you Ria.

Braces Later said...

It's going good now in retainers. How is your treatment, Are you done yet?

Anonymous said...

congratulations of getting out of braces - I'm still in them top and bottom - I'm from manchester England and we've skyped before but that was a few years ago

Hope to hear back

Vajahat Khan said...
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