Monday, June 13, 2011

A guy with lingual braces

I was on the bus and started talking to this guy.  It turns out he had braces on the lower arch, well at least what I could see.  they were metallic ones with silver ligatures.  I did notice that he had a wide space between his two front teeth and wondered why he did not have braces on the top.

We started to talk about his treatment and he opened his mouth and showed me his upper arch; he had lingual braces!  I'd never seen anyone with those in person, except for pictures online.

It actually made his speech slur a bit and he'd had them for 2 years he said, and had some issues with his treatment.  he said he wanted the lingual braces on the lower as well, but he could not afford it.  Apparently its more expensive he says.  He's from Mexico and was returning home via bus.