Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I had my adjustment today

At 8:30a, I arrived at the Ortho's office.

The asst. took off the elastics and powerchains and then asked me what color I wanted; I'll be dull and have silver I said.

She changed the top and then waited for the Ortho to come over.  Once she did, she kept making ohhs and ahhs... Apparently my teeth had changed dramatically as she looked at the impression of my mouth when I'd first come in.  It was truly remarkable indeed.

Then she out the powerchains on the bottom.  Also, I now needed different elastics.  The elastics were now sea lion and heavy ones. In some crazy format so it will now re-align my mid line.
On the left, it goes from lower #3 to upper molar and on the right upper molar to lower #3, canine.  The sea lion elastics are on the right.