Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Met a guy in braces

I met this guy who had braces just as long as I've had :-). 4.5 years!  Except that he's out of them on Friday; lucky guy :-).

He says that he switched Ortho and he had them off for a week in between treatment and it was funny as his friends thought he was always smiling as his lips thought that he still had braces on :).

He had silver brackets with silver ligatures.  He actually says he does not mind braces and will perhaps miss them once they are off on Friday.


Anonymous said...

If you mind me asking, why is your treatment taking so long?

Braces Later said...

don't mind at all.
I have two spaces on the upper left side and the Ortho is closing them. They are molars moving so that takes a longer time. Also, my midline is off, so moving the molars will fix all that.

Hopefully another 3-4 months. She says the bottoms are done, but will take them all off at once.

Are you in brace as well?

Anonymous said...

Hello! Do you have any fillings? Did the fillings cause any problems to you during the treatment?

Anonymous said...

Any updates?

tinachow said...

Hi! I discovered you on youtube almost a year ago when I first got my braces. How are things going? Do you still have them on? If so, what's the progress like since your last update?

Fred Collinsworth said...

Braces sometimes makes you look cool and, at the same time, aligns your teeth as well. I wouldn't mind having braces for that long a time, as long as I see results.

Braces Later said...

Hey Fred,

Yeah, its been a long time, 5 years today, but the results are really good.
I'm so used to them now although people still stare at me or give me a double take.
I will certainly miss them, but it will be good to be able to brush my teeth without them on there.