Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 224: 4 years, 3 months, and 18 days or 1,568 days

Yuppers, its been a long time since I got my braces.

Today, I'm having a slight pain where the now inner molar is meeting the canine on the upper left.  I'm still in black ligatures.

I had two mangoes for breakfast and just had some crackers and cheese so that should do it for today.


Edmond Chan said...


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Well done! I am 40 and have been wearing braces for 14 months now. It's the best thing I've done for myself. So happy!


Jenna Schrock said...

You've been through it for a long time. Could you share some before and after pics so that the readers here can see the improvements on your chompers? =)

Braces Later said...

Thanks for all the support :).

Raspberries, good on you. its not so bad having braces after 40.

Jenna, yes I have 4 years, 6 months, and 15 days to be exact at the moment. You can see my before pictures at the beginning of the blog. WIll post some current pictures in a few days.

Calandra Janocha said...

How are you now? It's cool to know you got your braces at the age of 40! Truly, age doesn't matter if you work for something you want badly. I hope you share some photos here of what you look like now. We'd love to see you with your braces.

Braces Later said...

Hey Clandra,

Thanks for stopping by. Its been quite the journey, but its almost over. I'll post some pics as today is 5 years in braces!