Thursday, April 21, 2011

New adjustment

I went for my adjustment today and the office was pretty full.  I usually go in the morning so its usually just me and maybe one other person there.

Soon, it was my turn; I had missed my appt from last month so I apologized for it.

Apparently, one of my front tooth got lower than the other one as there was a wire out of place :-(.  So the Ortho suspended the treatment to take care of that.

I got a wore change on the top, plus new ligatures; baby blue this time around.  Not powerchains though, except just on the upper two molars to help to close the gaps.

next appt. May 10, at 8:45a.


John Moran said...

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Anonymous said...

Is it painful getting braces for an adult? If so, what did it feel like and at what point did the pain go away?

I'm 41 and am thinking of getting braces to fix an incorrect bite.

Jenn of nyc