Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week 209: My Teeth really hurts :-(

Its 209 weeks since I got braces.  Good grief.

My front teeth are hurting so bad at the moment; This new elastic combination is just bad and will take some time to get used to I guess.  My midline is really off so I definitely need them.
I had a chicken sandwich for lunch today as well as two, well three cookies.  Yes, I ate too much.
Once home, I had crackers of all things.  Well, I was hungry, then some peanuts (I ate them with my molars).  Still hurt.

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Ed Mcgoldrick said...

Well, if you have braces, you have to be strict on your diet. This will keep your braces aligned and reduce the pain. If it still hurts, you have to see your dentist and know what's wrong. You have to hope painkillers will do.