Saturday, March 5, 2011

hard food :-(

I just had some cereal and a bagel for breakfast.  That bagel was so hard :-(.

I'm staring at an apple but can't do it.  I also had a grapefruit, whose exterior was really hard to bit even after I'd taken off all the red skin :-(.

These new elastics to put my midline back to where it belongs is really tight on my teeth uugh...

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Anonymous said...

hey, i found your blog by chance and wow, awesome transformation! :D i got braces for my upper teeth 8months ago and got those for my lower teeth today... unfortunately, my lower teeth are quite crooked and crowed so it hurts alot... D: still a long way to go until they're as straight as my upper teeth... but yeah, just wanted to say that your blog is awesome, it really helped me to feel less self-conscious about my braces :D