Friday, December 10, 2010

sandwich day

I had a chicken sandwich for lunch today.  It was really good and posed no issues.  I ensured I brushed after though.

I also had some iced pretzel, uugh... not sure why I did that as it just made my teeth full of sugar.

I spoke to one of my colleagues who has just gotten braces.  She has ceramic brackets with silver wire.  She says she had them when she was younger, but has to have them for about a year or so as she need to have lower jaw surgery.

We exchanged stories and then I wished her well with the surgery noting that YoutTube has several videos with the subject.  She said that she did not want to se any of them and will just have the surgery and hope to get over it quickly.

Having some crackers and cheese now.


Just brushed and all is well, except for the sensitivity to cold on the base of the upper right molar :-(.  it is getting less sensitive though.
I did use my electronic toothbrush.  Now if I can only get to flossing regularly I'll be set.

Will have some cereal on the way out.