Friday, May 21, 2010

drooling a lot now and still tongue pain.


My tongue is just in pain all day today. To top it off, I ate a Vietnames sandwich which had pepper in it. The bread was a bit hard too, so that did not help at all.

Dinner was some meat and rice but still the pain continues. I had wax on the two buttons all day today and my mouth actually waters when I speak now. It is a bit embarrassing as I can feel the spit coming at the corners of my mouth when I speak to anyone.

Yes I am wearing my elastics. Lower canine to last top molar on the left and lower canine to second to last molar on the top right.

this button on my teeth is not fun at all

My tongue continues to feel crappy. I fell asleep last night without brushing :-(. When I awoke this morning, I had some teeth pain where the elastics are anchored. I then removed them and brushed and had some cereal with milk.

It will not be a fun day as I feel a headache coming on...