Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wax once more

I've broken out the wax again. That inner button on the molar is really a pain on my tongue so I have to wax it.

every other loop

I just noticed that my Ortho only put the bracket across every other powerchain loop across the front. Anyone knows why she did

that? I guess it does not need as much tension, but who knows...

Ortho appt. today uugh :-( and pictures

Today is Ortho day and they are never fun at all.

I arrived a bit late and she had started working on the young man who was her 8:30a.  No worries since I was late. I had called to advise of such.

I sat down and did the usual pleasantries catching up on her last month and mine.  She looked at my mouth and determined that the molar was moving but it was turning as it moved so that means I need two buttons on the inside so its rotation can be controlled.

She then proceeded to prepare the two teeth so that the buttons can be added. Once this was done, she then changed the ligatures to dark blue as requested and then added a powerchain across the cuspid and the molar anchoring to where the buttons were placed.  I did have to put a mouth guard in so that the glue could dry.  That caused me to drool quite a bit.

She also adjusted my right elastics so that it is from the second molar to the bottom canine as opposed to the left side which has it from the upper last molar to the lower left canine.  She said that would straighten it all out.

So this is what lingual braces feels like :-(.  Now my tongue is rubbing against the inside of that button all the time.  I will have to add some wax soon as when I ate some cereal earlier my tongue hit up against it all the time and it is slowly becoming sore.

I know the next month will not be fun at all.  Already I'm having a tooth ache on that upper left canine :-(t