Sunday, March 21, 2010

I hate beef and three guys in braces

I hate having beef as all it does it just sticks in the gaps between my braces and behind the wires and brackets :-(. This is really annoying, but I really love beef :-). I'll spend the next few minutes trying to get it from my teeh now, grr...

Do you have issues with beef?

I ate quite a bit today as well, but some of that was fruits so that is a good thing.

I did also see three guys in braces, but did not get a chance to talk to anyone of them. They all had metallic braces with colored ligatures. One was dark blue, green and aqua.

Would you rather have bad teeth or wear braces?

As a guy in braces, you end up noticing people's teeth all the time.  Now some people can't afford to get braces and other others ou know definitely can, but don't.  So it got me thinking that it seems that people would rather have a crappy smile than get braces as there is so much stigma associated with braces.  What are your thoughts?