Monday, December 6, 2010

In elastics again

I had my adjustment today and I'm now back in 24 hour elastics.  It was scheduled for tomorrow, but I changed it as it was more convenient for me to do it today.

The lower archwire was changed and then I had new purple powerchains on the top and bottom arches.  I still my last upper molar on the right sensitive to cold :-(.  No help from the adjustment today.  This cold sensitivity has been going on for over a month now :-(.

It does not seem as if the molar is moving on the upper left side at all.  I also had a new lingual placed between the two teeth on the upper left.  It kept coming off all month, so I'm sure it will no time before it comes off again.

For lunch just prior to the adjustment, I had two slices of pizza so I had to brush carefully before going to the Ortho office.  Once home, I had two sandwiches and them some grapes.