Friday, July 30, 2010

The clicking is back temporarily

I went out for lunch today and the click came back.  It looks like I somehow strained my jaw. The left side is reallly swollen and you can feel a bump where it hinges to the back of my head by my left ear.  This is really eerie as I have no idea how it all happened.

I did not hear it for the rest of the day, but when I open my mouth wide, it really hurts and there is a bulge on the left side of my face :-(.

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F said...

Hello! I'm from Sweden so my spelling may not be the best, is not every day you write in English;)

Just wanted to say that I have had braces for two years, and my jaw started to "click" shortly after I took out my braces. It was really uncomfortable, and could hurt sometimes. And some times my jaw got stuck, kind of, I yawned too big, etc..

"Clicking" disappeared after a while, but is apparently common to get so when you had braces. Especially if you had them "bands" that diminishes one's overbite!

Good luck / F:)