Wednesday, May 19, 2010

still waxing

I brushed last night without issues; removed the elastics as they were a pain and headed to bed.

This morning, the button is not too bad. I brushed without issues, but my tongue is sore at that point and eating is not fun.

After brushing, I had some cereal as well as a banana. I'll have to add wax again...


Anonymous said...

Hey good luck with your teeth. Your page has been an inspiration to me.. Best wishes for your future From Denmark!

Braces Later said...

Thank you very much. Do you have braces too?

Anonymous said...

Yes i do. I have had them on for 1 and a half year now:)
I just got a metal bow? on the bottom teeth after i had removed two teeth a year ago and pulled the corner teeth back. I am glad my treatment is beginning to pay off even though it sometimes hurt after new treatment. Then I just take a painkiller :)
My surgery ends up with a little jaw surgery there gets pulled forth. Im excited to see the final result. I saw a person there had the same surgery like me and it looked great.