Sunday, March 21, 2010

Would you rather have bad teeth or wear braces?

As a guy in braces, you end up noticing people's teeth all the time.  Now some people can't afford to get braces and other others ou know definitely can, but don't.  So it got me thinking that it seems that people would rather have a crappy smile than get braces as there is so much stigma associated with braces.  What are your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

yeah, a lot of people still think, having braces is reputation demaging, like 'oh my gosh you are in adulthood , braces time is over(for most of people 6-9th grade),it's embarrassing to be seen with you'.of course they don't say it frankly, but it's
their mindset.
And yes, therefore they rather would maintain their crooked teeth ,than simply be in braces for 2 years or so, beacuse they think others will laugh at them or even disrciminate against them.
Yet, according to my opinion in America braces are widely accepted,even seen as jewelry and the major part of people know that it is a good thing that you do for your health and self-esteem.
The people saying braces are nasty and childish are either envious, because they can't afford treatment or don't have the courage to do it, or are simply very dumb.