Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 160 is here and a guy in braces

It's week 160! Yeah, I think.  So that gap between the molars is really big now.  Will add pictures later.

I had no breakfast today and just had something to drink for lunch; famished now.

On my way home the driver had braces.  They were metallic with red ligatures.  He's had them for 15 years he says as he has not gone back to get them off since he has moved.  His teeth are straight he says, he just needs to get them off.  Really, he's removed the wires and only has like three brackets on his front teeth.  He's taken off a few of the brackets.  He says he has no money yet to find an Ortho.  It was too expensive to finish it up in his country.

I wished him luck with his treatment when he re-starts it.

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