Sunday, January 17, 2010

A friend in braces

I've been chatting with a friend in the U.K. ever since I got braces.  His wife was in braces at the time, so we had something in common.  She got her braces off late last year I think.

Today, he IMed me and advised that early last week he got braces to fix a crooked bottom and also to close a gap on his upper arch.  He opted for clear ceramics with a metal wire on top and had to get metallic brckets on the bottom with silver ligatures I think.  It will be great to share experiences with him now that we are both in the same predicament.  No headgear or any additional appliances is needed he says.

His treatment should last about a year he says, so that means he will perhaps be out of braces before I get done.  Geez...


Anonymous said...

hey , it's me, from youtube, why don't you check your inbox? i've sent you several messages, or did you opt out of youtube entirely?^^.
Anyway,i was trying to contact you via other messanger clients, but in order to do that you gotta give me more information, don't let me down brother, we're going trough the same.
get in touch.


Gerardo said...

nice that you use your elastics.
I hope the pain leave you :D