Tuesday, December 22, 2009

three people in braces

I met three person in braces at lunch:

1). I had noticed this lady in braces as I waited for my table. As it turns out, I got a seat next to her. As I sat down, she commented that I had braces so we started talking. She said that she's had them since July 2009 and will have them for another two years. She had one tooth that did not have the wire attached to it. Her ligatures were bright green for the Holidays. She was quite pleasant and also asked about my treatment.

2). As I was leaving, I met a guy who was also in braces. He had metallic braces with gold ligatures. His metallic ligatures were really pronounced. He said it's been a year and he has another year and a half to go.

3). Then I saw another lady who had blue ligatures on metallic braces, but did not get a chance to talk with here.