Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I had my adjustment today

I had an early morning appt. with the Ortho and then an appt. for a cleaning.

The Ortho appt. went well with the Asst. suggesting I get some festive Christmas colors.  So I got red.  I was only going to get dark blue, but ended up doing dark blue on top and red on the bottom. I also have a new spring between the two upper left molard.

Then it was off to the dentist after paying $109.00 towards my $400 retainers.  I already paid $100 so I'm almost done.  Don't know when I will see those as it is very slow going with this molar movement.

The cleaning went well, although the hygenist says that I need to use fluoride more as my teeth is getting white in areas due to the braces.  I do have fluoride but I've been delinquent.  She also says that I should floss and use my electronic toothbrush, two things I've been delinquent about.  Geez, how do they know these things?

I ended up paying $45 for a fluoride treatment after having my mouth prodded. I felt really bad as I have a blister on my upper left lip and between my two lips on the left side.  :-(.  It was funny to hear my dentist talk about my Ortho's work.  I have to place a bridge or an implant where that missing space is when this is all over, so we talked about that a bit.

Here are some pictures of the Ortho appt.

Comments from a lady about my braces

I went looking for glasses today and the lady commented on my braces. She was genuinely interested as she had just taken hers off 6 months ago. Although I did think that she needed braces when I saw her first. As she has her "eye" teeth still way up, but I guess that is as far as it will come down.

We had a really good conversation about treatment, etc. She wished me luck as I left the store and wowed when I told her it had already been 2 years and 9 months and I still have at least anotehr 6 months to a year to go.

A video of my Adjustment at the end of week 144