Saturday, October 17, 2009

a lady in braces

I spoke to a girl in braces; she had purple ligatures on silver metallic brackets. She was a bit busy so I could not ask her about her treatment at all. She looks like she had far to go as she had several spaces.

Brazillian guy in braces for 10 years!

Just spoke to a guy whose had his braces for 10 years! He says he's had them that long as he's moved around a lot and did not get a chance to see his Ortho often. He is from Brazil. He expects to get out of them sometime next year hopefully. He is a bit more settled now. He says they just pay for the service in Brazil about $50/month. He had metallic brackets with very faded red ligatures on every bracket. He also had a few spaces as well to close.

food in my teeth

I awoke this morning and brushed. I had not brushed last night as I was a bit on the tired side. I then had a bagel and a muffin which is now sticking in my teeth :-(. I did have some cereal too...