Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adjustment day

I had my adjustment today. No biggie, but my Ortho squeezed my lower left lip in error with the forcep :-(. It hurts now. She also added a new spring to the upper left between the two last molars. This took a while to accomplish though and I had to have mouth open for quite some time.

I chose orange ligatures in honor of halloween. I also got some more elastics which I'm wearing now. I was asked if I was wearing them and I partially answered since I've not been that good at wearing them.

There was a guy there getting his retainers adjusted, that was quick and he was out of there before I got out.

After it was all over, I left and headed for work where I had a subway egg sandwich and a banana.

Later lunch was red beans and rice, green peas plus chicken. It was all good and I had no issues. Later for dinner, I had a sandwich with cheese.

Adjustment pictures