Saturday, September 12, 2009

fell asleep without brushing

I got up and brushed without issues. I was so tired the night before I did not brush before bed. I did not even have breakfast except for a banana.

Later I had some chips which was horrible and kept sticking in my teeth. I had to get a small straw and remove the food from the space between the upper left molars.

I had some more junk food all day and then for dinner it was McDonalds grilled lettuce and tomato sandwich with french fries and some water.

I did not brush before bed as I fell asleep.

two people in braces

I met a lady in braces. She's had them since 2003! She is from New Orleans and moved to Houston due to the hurricane. She's been trying to find an Ortho for a while and finally found one in January. Her treatment will finish in about a year from now she says. At present she only has bottom braces. Her braces are metal with silver ligatures.

The guy I saw has braces on top and bottom metallic with black ligatures. He also has some piercings on his lips as well which makes it interesting. I did not get a chance to ask him about his treatment.