Tuesday, September 8, 2009

teeth pain

My right upper right molars are hurting :-(.

My teeth hurts

I hate adjustments as it just makes my teeth really hurts like it is now. My upper left molar is hurting.

I did have some corn earlier and I should not have done that. It is stuck all over my teeth. I did have some ice cream to sooth it over though.

And yes, I'm wearing my elastics since I now have to wear them 24 hours again.

My bus driver has braces

I stepped on the bus today and noticed that my bus driver was in braces. Before I exited, I asked her about her treatment. She said that it's been a year and she has a year to go.

She had black ligatures.

Arguing with the Ortho

I had my Ortho visit today which was O.K. I actually thought that my Ortho said to wear the elastics for 8 hours per day but today she said it shoudl have been 24 hours. I'm pretty positive she said only 8 hours per day a few months back. No worries.

She then changed the ligatures to dark blue, although it is not that dark a blue. She did remove the spring from the lower teeth as she said it had done its job. The lower left pre-molar has moved forward finally. Now to move the molar.

I did find out that I am finished paying off my bill though! Actually I had finished last month. Now I have only $400 left to pay for the retainers. I will ensure that I get that done soon as well.

Hairo Torres in braces

One of the America's Got Talen contestant, Hairo Torres had braces.  When he first performed he had them, but now he does not.  I don't know if he just took them off for the show or not.

Pictures of the adjustment on Sept, 8th

a guy in braces

I met a guy at the bus stop in braces today. It looked like he only had them on the top though. They were black ligatures. I did not get a chance to ask him about his treatment.