Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week 127 in pictures

It is week 127

And I'm sick :-(  Some kind of throat infection that gave me a 101F fever.  I was just as hot as outside, no wonder I did not need any water.  Not that I could drink it as it hurts when I swallow.

Doc gave me some good drugs that will hook me up in 10 days.  It was funny, he looked in my mouth and said, oh your elastics are fused to your to your teeth you are so hot, then he said kidding.

The treatment is coming along well.  Braces does not take a break as you are sick.  As I'm sick, I've lost weight about 8lbs in about two days since I can't eat anything, LOL.  I've had some fruits though which does hurt my stomach, but oh well.  I've eating ice cream as well.  Tried some cashews, but tasted funny.

So week 127 finds me sick, uugh!