Friday, July 24, 2009

colored ligatures again

I decided to wear colored ligatures this weekend. It is interesting. I had the purple and the green. It was an interesting contrast to the blue ligatures. I should have taken a pictures.

possibly bent wire

I think I bent a wire again as I ate something hard. I have not had a chance to look as yet as I don't have a mirror handy.

I like my blue ligatures :-).

no brushing last night again

My teeth continues to hurt since the adjustment on Tuesday; normal I guess. the hurt is getting lesser. I did forget to brush last night as I was a bit tired and intoxicated ;-(. I did brush this morning and my teeth still hurts, especially the lower fronts. I think it is 'cause they are wired together.

I did have two mangoes and will have a banana before I leave for work in a few minutes.