Sunday, July 19, 2009

lower gum hurts

My inner left lower gum is hurting as it was bruised by the spring on that side.  I hate it when that occurs.

I had quite a bit of sweets this morning, but it was so good, I could not resist it.  It was quite hard as well, so I know my teeth did not really like that.  Must brush thoroughly before bed.

Dinner was some crackers and cheese.  I tried to eat some mangoes I had, but they had gone bad :-(.

Looks like I need to start dieting once more.

two guys in braces

I saw two guy sin braces today.  One had black powerchains on the bottom and the top and looked like his treatment was almost over.  The other had silver ligatures and no powerchains.  He looked like he had at least another two years to go as he had a lot of work to be done.  Also, he did not have any wire on his top arch.  Not sure why.  I was unable to talk to either about their treatment.