Saturday, July 18, 2009

McDonald's twice :-(

I had McDonald's twice today.  It was not bad as I had chicken sandwiches, but I did have fries both times and also a shake.  It was good that I had the shake, but the chicken tenders were a bit much.

a guy in retainers

I was talking to a guy who I had just met and I mention something about watching what I eat due to braces.  he then piped up and said that he had braces for two years when he was about 16 or so.  He is now early twenties.  He said that he did hate elastics and have not been consistently wearing his retainers at night.  I told him ow important that was and that if he did not do so, he would certainly have to wear braces again.  He then said he will start wearing his retainers at night.

He actually had straight teeth; braces had really done its job.