Tuesday, April 21, 2009

no brushing before bed

I ate a bunch of crap last night; some turkey salad with crackers and ice cream. I also fell asleep with all that in my mouth so not good at all.

Ortho Adjustment

I did not get a chance to brush last night before bed :-(, but I did so first thing this morning when I had a chance.

I then headed out for my Ortho visit. It was an O.K. visit, all she did was just change the current blue powerchains and replace them with silver ones. I also did not have my elastics when I arrived, but told her that I had just forgotten to do so this morning. I was done in no time, paid up, got new elastics and left.

I did see one patient; a girl she had her adjustment done as well. Two of the ligatures also fell off and she ahd to return to have them redone.

Once home, I had some cereal, a banana and a cheese sandwich.