Monday, April 20, 2009

another guy in braces

I met yet another guy in braces. He has full metal top and bottom with silver ligatures. He's had them since January and this is his second time in braces. His Ortho screwed up the first time so he has to have them re-done. He also has some extraction done as well. He figures he will have them for about another year and a half or so.

a guy and a lady in braces

I spoke with a guy in braces today. He's had them for a little over a year and will have them for another seven months. He only has them on the top with silver powerchains all around. He says that other Doctor's had recommended surgery, but his current Ortho says that braces should do the trick.

Right after that I met a lady in braces as well. She is in for 2 years and 4 months and has two months left to go. She has ceramic with white wire. She is happy to have them off soon.

upper front teeth are hurting

I brushed last night without issues. This morning my front teeth upper, are hurting bad. Lots of pressure.