Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April foolishness (109 weeks in pictures)

109 weeks

I awoke without issues but did not brush for a while. I actually had no food in the house, so I went out and got some. I also have no mouthwash, but forgot to buy when I went out to the store.

I did talk to a guy in braces about his treatment. He's been braced for two years now and has two more weeks to get them off. He was quite happy it will all be done soon. He also talked about my having another two years to go, he was a bit puzzled about that since I had already had them for two years.

I was fooling around with my elastics, I will show you what I did; I was bored really...

Lunch was crackers, bread and a turkey salad. All good, but had a lot of chewing, which hurts. The inner left cheek is sore as well :-( I still need to brush. I also had some almonds and cashew nuts, lots of it.