Monday, March 30, 2009

poking wires

My inner left cheek is so sore. Also, the ends of the wires are really poking me on the upper and lower left sides.

I talked with a guy this morning who had braces. He had them for two years so far and have another two years to go. He had quite a bit of work to do on top as he had a lot of spaces and was not yet wearing any powerchains. He was wearing light blue ligatures.

During the morning, my Ortho's office called me and reminded hat I have a 9:15a appointment in the morning.

I had lunch today as a corn chowder. This was really good and I enjoyed it immensely. I then brushed once I got back to work.

Once home, I had some crackers and cheese as well as a cheese and turkey sandwich.


Having some cereal and then heading out for work.  Brushing was O.K., but still having teeth pain on the molar and pre-molars when I brush.  I have to remember to put in elastics this morning.

teeth ache

I brushed last night and that pre-molar on the lower right side still hurts.  This morning, when I awoke, the upper left molar hurts :-(.