Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beef dinner

For dinner, it was barbecue beef with cole slaw. It was quite good and easy to eat as well.
I did talk with this lady about my braces. She said that I should get rid of that yellow color at the top. I told her that it used to be white.

I also told her that I had pink at some point and she said it was quite gay and laughed. I told her that my Ortho Asst. usually chooses the colors, it was hilarious to talk with her.

I did brush before going to bed.

chlli today

This morning, I awoke without issues and then brushed. It was a good day.

At work, I had no breakfast, but did end up having some lunch of Texas chicken chilli with a cookie and some ice cream. All very soft and tasty.

The upper arch is hurting most of today, sadly.