Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My adjustment

It's Ortho day.

I got up and brushed and used mouthwash before I go.  I have a cough which is quite annoying.  I am out of medication too so I have to stop at a pharmacy.

I stopped at CVS to get some cough syrup and some Mucinex.  I took all that at the Ortho's office and they thought I had a pharmacy.

The Asst. asked me what colors I wanted and suggested red and white for valentine right away.  I agreed to white on top and red on the bottom.  She then suggested that I do red on top as white stains.  I told her I don't drink coffee and I'll refrain from curry this month.  She said O.K.  She then removed the ligatures and added the white ones back on top.

The Ortho then came over and advised on next steps.  She placed powerchains on top and bottom as se wanted the teeth to move more she says.  I then asked about that large space on the upper left.  She then checked her records and said that it needed to move 1mm so the next time she will remove the upper wire which had been there forever and then add a powerchain so it can all start moving forward.

Then I was done.  I paid my $125 bill and left.  Next appt. is on March 3, 2009 at 8:30a.

At work, I went to the library and on my way back, I had a baked potato with chicken and chilli plus some ice cream.  This was a huge potato.  I ensured that I brushed after that meal.

At home, I had crackers and cheese for dinner.  I did not brush before bed as I fell asleep.

A collage

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Week 99 Adjustment in Pictures


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Adjusment in pictures

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