Saturday, January 24, 2009

people in braces

I saw a guy in braces and we chatted about our treatments. He has been in braces for 6 years; yes, 6 years!

He said that his family had some financial issues so it delayed his treatment. He had metallic brackets on both top and bottom with silver ligatures. He said he thinks he has about another year or so to go.

I also saw another guy who has been in braces for about two years now and has 6 more months to go. he has metallic brackets as well with metallic ligatures.

Finally my maitre d' at the iHop where I had dinner was in braces. It's been three years and she gets done in about two months. She had metallic brackets with silver ligatures.

potatoes for lunch

Lunch, was grilled chicken, mash potatoes and brown rice. It was all good and then I brushed after eating.

I had some crackers and cheese later as well.

I did have some pizza and a salad for dinner and then later had a chicken sandwich with some fries.

I did brush before bed.

junk food day

I awoke really late and brushed and added elasics right after.

I ended up having junk food for lunch; chicken sandwich and fries.

I had a lot of cake for dinner, then a salad with some minestrome soup.

Before bed, I did ensure that I brushed.