Thursday, January 22, 2009

my colleague has to wear elastics now

Once at work, I had a talk with my colleague who had gotten her elastics yesterday for the first time.  She has to wear them 24 hours from top canines to bottom molars.  We talked about them for a bit.  I think she said that her bottom jaw needed to move forward.

For lunch today, I had some black beans and rice, which I had to eat quickly as I had an early meeting.  I actually did not brush until after the meeting, but I was able to rinse though.  Thank heavens as I had a lot of crap in my mouth.

Once home, I had a cheese sandwich, some ice cream and hen finally some grapes before brushing for bed.

no issues

Brushing was fine no issues; that space is huge now.  Good news is that the space in front is closing.