Monday, January 19, 2009

mango hairs

I had a chicken sandwich with French fries for lunch today which was fine. I did have to brush after lunch as of course there was stuff everywhere.

Once home, I had a mango as well as some junk food. Now the mango hairs are all in my teeth :-(

so far so good

I brushed last night without issues.  There was lots of crap as I had a lot of junk food.

This morning all is well as I awake.  The brackets do feel like they are rubbing my mouth more though :-(.  I'll see if I can have some cereal before heading out today.

ice cream

I had some ice cream just before bed. The mango hairs are still in my teeth. This will make brushing not so fun.

I am also having painwith my lowerleft pre-molar. I guess it is moving.