Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I had my adjustment today

I had an early morning appt. with the Ortho and then an appt. for a cleaning.

The Ortho appt. went well with the Asst. suggesting I get some festive Christmas colors.  So I got red.  I was only going to get dark blue, but ended up doing dark blue on top and red on the bottom. I also have a new spring between the two upper left molard.

Then it was off to the dentist after paying $109.00 towards my $400 retainers.  I already paid $100 so I'm almost done.  Don't know when I will see those as it is very slow going with this molar movement.

The cleaning went well, although the hygenist says that I need to use fluoride more as my teeth is getting white in areas due to the braces.  I do have fluoride but I've been delinquent.  She also says that I should floss and use my electronic toothbrush, two things I've been delinquent about.  Geez, how do they know these things?

I ended up paying $45 for a fluoride treatment after having my mouth prodded. I felt really bad as I have a blister on my upper left lip and between my two lips on the left side.  :-(.  It was funny to hear my dentist talk about my Ortho's work.  I have to place a bridge or an implant where that missing space is when this is all over, so we talked about that a bit.

Here are some pictures of the Ortho appt.


Anonymous said...

i almost read your entire blog, and now seeing the latest pictures makes me feel good about my own treatment and encouraged me to stick to it.
Your case was kinda grave , yet you made so much progress and you're almost done, you can be proud of yourself, i think this shows that it was worth wearing them for so long , good luck for the remaining time.I'll monitor our blog.
(I am also that one who sent you many questions via youtube)

Gerardo said...

nice adjustment, and nice pics!

Braces Later said...

Thank you both for your comments.
Yes my case is very grave, hence why it is taking so long.