Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Week 136 of being a metal mouth

At week 136 my braces are annoying to say the least, I still love them though. My inner left cheek is raw as the wires are rubbing against it all the time. Both the top and bottom wires are much too long now. I go to the Ortho next Tuesday a.m.

Also, the space between the two molars is quite a bit now. Seems to get wider day by day. Food is always between the two of them :-(.

I got up and brushed without any issues and had a banana on my way out the door. Lunch was some rice, beans and corn. All nice and soft and thus I had no issues. I made sure I brushed after the meal.

At lunch today, I lost an elastic in my mouth, when I took it out, the person I was with noticed it, it was funny...

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Anonymous said...

Hey metal mouth,
You finally updated your blog !!
Already week 136 and I hope for you that you're almost done since it makes 2 years and a half.
I hope you'll learn good news at your next appt.
Does your camera finally work ?
I hope so !
I'm gonna have have my wisdom teeth extracted on 26th october ouch ! and I have never had teeth extracted so ... we're gonna see.
I give you my mail as you asked me :
It would be cool to chat together one time : maybe on the braces chat or facebook, MSN ... Tell me, so we would be able to speak about our experiences.
I hope you'll answer soon !
Good luck and see you ;-)