Thursday, September 10, 2009

Waxed and hurting

My teeth continues to hurt. This morning I got up, I brushed having brushed last night. However, I was bad and did not sleep in my elastics sadly. I really should have.
I brushed and then added elastics and had a banana on my way out. I did add some wax to the end of that pesky wire too.

For lunch it was chicken with cashew with white steamed rice. It was really good and did not hurt the teeth at all.

I did have a long conversation with my work colleague about braces. Apparently she had braces when she was younger and it caused her jaw to be out of whack now. So she had some headaches for a few years. Now she has TMJ and the Doctor has given her a splint to wear. She is much better at the moment. It was cool talking braces with her. She as well as another colleague commented on my blue braces saying it matched my shirt which it did.

Later, I had some crackers and tuna which was quite good.

That wire continues to poke me on the upper left. I did add some wax, but I ate it all.

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