Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a guy in braces

I met a guy in braces. He had metallic brackets on top and bottom. With silver ligatures. He also has a TPA! I did not get a chance to see it as it was dark and we were in a crowd. He's had both braces and the TPA for 6 months now and has 1.5 more months to go with both braces and the TPA. He says that at first the TPA was hard to get used to and he could not speak well at all. But that gradually got better he continued.
We talked for a long time about both our treatments, cost, length, why we got braces, etc. It was a lot of fun indeed. He actually said he had paid only 50% of his cost. Lucky guy.

I did see a lady in braces too, but no chance to say hello. She had silver powerchains across the top and bottom.


EliijahhJaamess said...

I HAVE A TPA lollll thats the thing I have lol,why do only some people need them?

Braces Later said...

A TPA huh? ouch, how is your speech. Some people have narrower mouths than others is the reason, so that device expands your arch. How long have you had it and how much longer to go? Do you have a top and bottom one?