Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Week 135

Wow, I'm coasting along now.

My ligatures are really faded now as its been about three weeks since I've seen my Ortho. The space between the upper left molars is increasing and food is always stuck up there :-(.

No tooth ache so that is good. The bottoms is pretty good now so I hope the Ortho won't decide to take off the lower braces. Although I doubt it as it anchors the elastics.

Week 135 in pictures

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

new pictures posted today

hodge podge of eating

I brushed very early in the morning without issues.

I then had some tea with some animal cookies. It was O.K. and did not create any issues.

For the rest of the day I had a pastry with ham in it.

Then I had a McDonald's grilled chicken sandwich with some fries. I've only brushed once today. Also, my upper front arch is hurting :-(. That upper space between the molars on the left is so annoying as everything sticks in it.

people in braces

I met two ladies in braces today. Both have metal brackets on the upper and the lowers. I only had a chance to talk with one of them. She has had hers for 6 months and has another 2.5 years to go. She is having some issues and it cost quite a bit of money to get it all done.

I did see another guy with just top braces, but I did not get a chance to chat with him about it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

week 133

Well, I'm still in braces at week 133. Looking better and better. Still have a huge space between two upper left molars.. No other space anywhere else to close. The bottom ones have moved ahead.

I had cereal in the morning after brushing. Lunch was chicken kebab with rice and vegetables and I did brush.

For dinner, it was some rice and then pastry. I did brush before bed.

a guy in braces

I met a guy in braces. He had metallic brackets on top and bottom. With silver ligatures. He also has a TPA! I did not get a chance to see it as it was dark and we were in a crowd. He's had both braces and the TPA for 6 months now and has 1.5 more months to go with both braces and the TPA. He says that at first the TPA was hard to get used to and he could not speak well at all. But that gradually got better he continued.
We talked for a long time about both our treatments, cost, length, why we got braces, etc. It was a lot of fun indeed. He actually said he had paid only 50% of his cost. Lucky guy.

I did see a lady in braces too, but no chance to say hello. She had silver powerchains across the top and bottom.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

fell asleep without brushing

I got up and brushed without issues. I was so tired the night before I did not brush before bed. I did not even have breakfast except for a banana.

Later I had some chips which was horrible and kept sticking in my teeth. I had to get a small straw and remove the food from the space between the upper left molars.

I had some more junk food all day and then for dinner it was McDonalds grilled lettuce and tomato sandwich with french fries and some water.

I did not brush before bed as I fell asleep.

two people in braces

I met a lady in braces. She's had them since 2003! She is from New Orleans and moved to Houston due to the hurricane. She's been trying to find an Ortho for a while and finally found one in January. Her treatment will finish in about a year from now she says. At present she only has bottom braces. Her braces are metal with silver ligatures.

The guy I saw has braces on top and bottom metallic with black ligatures. He also has some piercings on his lips as well which makes it interesting. I did not get a chance to ask him about his treatment.

Friday, September 11, 2009

the hurt continues

I fell asleep last night without brushing. My upper left molar still hurts.

I brushed this morning and is having some cereal. So far, so good.
I would say that the bottoms are perfect now it seems, I will miss having braces on them...

I hope this hurt goes away soon...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Waxed and hurting

My teeth continues to hurt. This morning I got up, I brushed having brushed last night. However, I was bad and did not sleep in my elastics sadly. I really should have.
I brushed and then added elastics and had a banana on my way out. I did add some wax to the end of that pesky wire too.

For lunch it was chicken with cashew with white steamed rice. It was really good and did not hurt the teeth at all.

I did have a long conversation with my work colleague about braces. Apparently she had braces when she was younger and it caused her jaw to be out of whack now. So she had some headaches for a few years. Now she has TMJ and the Doctor has given her a splint to wear. She is much better at the moment. It was cool talking braces with her. She as well as another colleague commented on my blue braces saying it matched my shirt which it did.

Later, I had some crackers and tuna which was quite good.

That wire continues to poke me on the upper left. I did add some wax, but I ate it all.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week 132 in pictures

My teeth continues to hurt

Grrr...I awoke this morning and my teeth really hurts.  I actually fell asleep and did not brush last night either.  I did wear my elastics to bed though as I have to be doing it 24 hours now.

I had some cereal and a banana on my way out the door as well.

Lunch as the pain continues was red beans and rice which was good and soft.

Once home as the hurt continues I am having some crackers and cheese.  Yes I know, but I'm hungry.  I am also being poked by the end of the upper wire on the top arch.  The wire on the bottom arch is also being a pain.

Week 132 is sucking quite quickly.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

teeth pain

My right upper right molars are hurting :-(.

My teeth hurts

I hate adjustments as it just makes my teeth really hurts like it is now. My upper left molar is hurting.

I did have some corn earlier and I should not have done that. It is stuck all over my teeth. I did have some ice cream to sooth it over though.

And yes, I'm wearing my elastics since I now have to wear them 24 hours again.

My bus driver has braces

I stepped on the bus today and noticed that my bus driver was in braces. Before I exited, I asked her about her treatment. She said that it's been a year and she has a year to go.

She had black ligatures.

Arguing with the Ortho

I had my Ortho visit today which was O.K. I actually thought that my Ortho said to wear the elastics for 8 hours per day but today she said it shoudl have been 24 hours. I'm pretty positive she said only 8 hours per day a few months back. No worries.

She then changed the ligatures to dark blue, although it is not that dark a blue. She did remove the spring from the lower teeth as she said it had done its job. The lower left pre-molar has moved forward finally. Now to move the molar.

I did find out that I am finished paying off my bill though! Actually I had finished last month. Now I have only $400 left to pay for the retainers. I will ensure that I get that done soon as well.

Hairo Torres in braces

One of the America's Got Talen contestant, Hairo Torres had braces.  When he first performed he had them, but now he does not.  I don't know if he just took them off for the show or not.

Pictures of the adjustment on Sept, 8th

a guy in braces

I met a guy at the bus stop in braces today. It looked like he only had them on the top though. They were black ligatures. I did not get a chance to ask him about his treatment.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Week 131

I got up this morning and brushed without any issues. At work, I had a subway sandwich with egg. It was O.K., but of course I hd to brush after eating it. That lettuce just sticks everywhere.

Lunch was some chicken with rice and green beans which was good. A brush took care of it though.

Dinner was some bread and some cashew nuts as well. No teeth pain thankfully.