Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Week 130

My ligatures are fading but O.K. I'm certainly getting a cold as my throat is itchy. No real progress or pain, just a cold.

a guy in braces for 7 years

I met a guy in braces. He was in it for 7 years! He said that he had switched Ortho and had some issues. This contributed to him having them so long. He actually only had them on the top now as the bottom is all complete. He had gray powerchains with a lot of wire attachments on the sides.

I also saw another guy who had a binator. When he has them in he can't really speak at all. He sounds really muffled. He actually has to take them out to talk properly. They have some big wires that clips on the canines.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

no brushing

I did not brush last night as I fell asleep and got up about 4:00a. I will brush this morning and have some cereal on my way out. I think I'm getting a cold though :-(.

Monday, August 24, 2009

stop eating beef, geez

I awoke and brushed without issues. Then I had some cereal on my way out to work.

For lunch, I had some beef stew and rice which was O.K., not exceptional. I keep forgetting not to have beef as it sticks in my teeth whenever I do.

Dinner was some rice and vegetables that I had in the fridge forever. I thought for sure it would have made me sick, but so far so good. I also had some crackers and cheese plus some grapes.

I fell asleep without brushing sadly...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

no toothbrush

I did not have a toothbrush with me so I did not get a chance to brush. I just rinsed my mouth. Later I did get a toothbrush and did brush.

This was after having a bagel with cream cheese as well as some muffins.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

being asked about my braces

I was out and about and a guy asked me about my braces. He was really interested asking me about the treatment. He said I looked good in braces :-). I'm assuming he had braces at some point in his life.

twins in braces

I met a set of twins; one had braces with yellow and green alternating ligatures on metallic braces. The other had a retainer. He did not yet have braces, I guess they were trying braces first. I did not find out how long was their treatment, but I thought it intriguing that they both had some form of orthodontic appliance.

a guy in braces

I met a guy in braces a few minutes ago.  I did not get a chance to ask him about his treatment.  He had metallic braces with silver ligatures on both top and bottoms.  No powerchains.

This morning, I brushed and then had some cereal, two muffins and a bagel.  I still have a bruised lower front inner lip from the hooks and the elastics are being quite annoying as well.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

no elastics today

I did not wear my elastics today.  I just never got around to it.

For dinner, I had some tuna with mayo and water crackers.  I have mild teeth pain, but not too bad.  I will have some ice cream before bed.

130 weeks holy moly

So it is almost 2.5 years. And according to initial estimates, this was my allotted time. Well, she was wrong. I am no where close to being finished it seems.

Still have two molars to move on upper left and two molars and a pre-molar to move on the lower left. Things are tight today as I had mu adjustment yesterday.

It was cereal and a banana for breakfast this morning and a cheese sandwich for lunch with some juice and lots of water.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ortho day

I had my Ortho visit today and it was routine. The Ortho was not there so the assistants did it. They removed the old ligatures as usual and asked me waht color. I chose lime green. They they placed the lowers on, then the uppers and adjusted the lower spring and I was done.

Later I had a Subway sandwich with egg which hit the spot as I was so hungry!

I felt a little pain, but not too much although I had a mild headache.

Lunch was some chicken, black bean, rice and green peas. Don't know why I chose the chicken as it was a bit hard to chew. Adjustments always pains me the day of and after.

Dinner was just soem break with a banana and some ice cream. I ensured that i did brush before bed.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another guy in retainers but he should be in braces

I talked to this guy who had retainers on the bottoms only. He said that he's been our out of braces for a bit now about a year. He wore retainers on the bottoms, but I did notice that his bottom arch was out of wack. At least two of his teeth needed to be put back in braces. He asked me about my treatment and I told him. He was surprised that my treatment time was so lengthy.

A guy in multi-colored braces

I spoke to a guy who was in braces for a year now and said that he has another 1.5 years to go. He had an operation to place a chain on an "eye" teeth so it could be pulled down. the chain was pure gold he said and cost a fortune.

He had metallic braces with different color ligatures, green and silver. He said he was trying to decide whether to do blue or silver on his next visit. After seeing me and seeing how blue looks he is convinced he will do blue next. He also said he had tried gold and totally loved it. He was really talkative and I think he enjoyed the fact that I was talking to him about braces.

He was really interested in my treatment and we talk for quite a while about it all. It was a good deal.

One more guy in braces

I did see another guy who I did not get a chance to talk with him. He had lots of spaces between his upper front arch so it looks like he would be in braces for a while. He had metallic braces with silver ligatures.

A guy in retainers

I saw a guy who had his retainers on the top only. I did not have a chance to talk to him though. He looked liked he was in his early 40s.

a normal morning

I brushed this morning and then had a breakfast of cereal with milk. No issues while brushing so all is well. I then put in my two elastics for the next 8 hours.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

a guy in braces today

I met a guy in braces today.  He had powerchains across the top and bottom just like me.  They were baby blue powerchains; mine are dark blue.  He said he was in them for 8 months and have a further 5 months to go.  He then asked me about my treatment and was surprised at how long it was.  He was happy to have braces he said.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Week 129 and no worries

At week 129, nothing special to share. I still have spaces between the molars on the upper left and lower left. I continue to wear my elastics and continue to get stares from people when they see me. Sadly, my braces makes it easy to remember me :-).

The bottom front teeth are fine as they are all wired in so they can't move. I guess they are where the Ortho wants them to be.

I just had some cereal for breakfast this morning, a sandwich for lunch with a mango and dinner was some ice cream and crackers and cheese and another mango. A well balanced diet...

Friday, August 7, 2009

teeth feel dirty

I just brushed, but my teeth still feel dirty especially the lower front ones. :-(. Will have a banana on the way out. I'm regaining the weight I lost last week, :-(. At 215 now, have to stop eating crap. salads forever :-)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Week 128 in pictures

Week 128

Sounds like it is 128 bytes :-).

After 128 weeks in braces, I've seen a lot of changes.  The past week have been tough as I have strep throat and one still has to take care of those braces.

I still have spaces on the lower left and the upper right side.  I did wear my elastics as instructed, except for a few days this past week.  Last night I even fell asleep without brushing, so this week have been terrible for braces maintenance.