Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Week 123 in braces and pictures

So I've been having a bit of pain on my left upper canine. Grr...There also have been a bit of a space developing there. Also, the space between the two molars on the upper left has increased quite a bit. My guess is that this will take a bit of time to get fixed.

On the bottom, lots of movement have occurred, that space is really closing up and of course the space behind it is increasing. So looks like I have a long time left in braces.

Here are some pictures of the latest. Oh, the ligatures are really faded now.


Ralph said...

Man your teeth are really straight now !! Your treatment looks almost over or so ? It improved a lot ! You've got really nice teeth ! Congratulations.

Braces Later said...

Thank you very much Ralph. I don't know how much longer I have to go as I have to close gaps now. At least 1 year I think.
Are you in braces?