Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It is week 127

And I'm sick :-(  Some kind of throat infection that gave me a 101F fever.  I was just as hot as outside, no wonder I did not need any water.  Not that I could drink it as it hurts when I swallow.

Doc gave me some good drugs that will hook me up in 10 days.  It was funny, he looked in my mouth and said, oh your elastics are fused to your to your teeth you are so hot, then he said kidding.

The treatment is coming along well.  Braces does not take a break as you are sick.  As I'm sick, I've lost weight about 8lbs in about two days since I can't eat anything, LOL.  I've had some fruits though which does hurt my stomach, but oh well.  I've eating ice cream as well.  Tried some cashews, but tasted funny.

So week 127 finds me sick, uugh!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I was watching your blog and (actually I'm french) I noticed that there are a lot of adults in braces in the USA. In France it is mostly the teens who wear it. So I guess that the Americans take more care with their teeth than the French. Funny !

Gerardo said...

hi, nice post, but please post more often as you did it before :D

Braces Later said...

Raphaël, thank you for your comment and thank you for viewing my blog. Yes, there are alof ot adults who are in braces in the U.S.
Yes, the U.S. is the place that I've seen the most people in braces. I do see a lot in France and Germany too. The U.K. not so much. Do you have braces?

Braces Later said...

Thanks Gerardo, I will try to post more.

Anonymous said...

Yes I had braces too.
I had my braces 1 year and 3 months on top and 6 more months on the bottom and I got them on top after the bottom.
But I only had metal wires as ligatures and not elastics like you so I couldn't choose the colour. Too bad !
I had even to wear an headgear 15 hours a day ! But it was hard because I used to forgot it.
I got them off in january and I had to wear a retainer on top at night but I'm done now.
I hope for you that you will finish soon but your smile improved a lot. I wait for your video ;) Good luck; I will folow you until the end of your treatment so I will see the result ^^ See you.

Braces Later said...

Hiya Raphael,
WOW, what was it like wearing a headgear? I thought I was going to get one, but I did not. It would have been O.K. with me though as the treatment is the treatment.

So they really tied your ligatures in. I have some metal wires too across the front as you can see in the pictures.
Did you take pictures of your treatment?

My video camera is not working too well on close up pics. So looks like I will have to do some stills and make a video out of that.

Thanks for following me during my treatment. How come you took off your retainer so soon?

Anonymous said...

Wearing a headgear isn't as difficult as people imagine. It doesn't really hurt but it is a little diffult to sleep with that thing around my head...
It's cool to see people who aren't ashamed by their treatment and who are ready to do everything necessary for their treatment !
Actually, my ligatures were like yours but in metal. I couldn't choose blue ligatures like you.
I didn't take pictures of my treatment because I didn't take the time to do it and I didn't really think about that.
I don't know why my orthodontist told me I could take my retainer off so soon but I trust him.
I'm gonna have my lower wisdom teeth extracted in october so I'm a little afraid...
Too bad for your camera !! I hope that it will work soon. ;)