Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week 127 in pictures

It is week 127

And I'm sick :-(  Some kind of throat infection that gave me a 101F fever.  I was just as hot as outside, no wonder I did not need any water.  Not that I could drink it as it hurts when I swallow.

Doc gave me some good drugs that will hook me up in 10 days.  It was funny, he looked in my mouth and said, oh your elastics are fused to your to your teeth you are so hot, then he said kidding.

The treatment is coming along well.  Braces does not take a break as you are sick.  As I'm sick, I've lost weight about 8lbs in about two days since I can't eat anything, LOL.  I've had some fruits though which does hurt my stomach, but oh well.  I've eating ice cream as well.  Tried some cashews, but tasted funny.

So week 127 finds me sick, uugh!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Being asked about my braces

I was sitting down and a girl asked me about my braces. She said that she just took hers off 6 months ago. She had tops off first for about 11 months and then the bottoms for an additional 3 months. She now wears retainers. her teeth looks really good. She had the same issue I had but on the bottom. She seemed really interested in my treatment.

a girl with multi-colored ligatures

I was getting some change and the girl at the register buying something was short of money. I offered to give her some and when she turned around I noticed she had braces. She had a different color ligatures on each teeth which was cool. I did not get a chance to ask her about her treatment as I had to go catch a bus.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

my waiter has braces

I was out to dinner and noticed that a waiter had braces. I went over and talked to him a bit, but he was quite shy about it. He had them for a year and had about 6 months left. He had silver ligatures both on top and bottom.

teeth moved back

I was out to dinner and the person I was with told me that he had braces. He had them for a few years. His teeth has moved back as he did not wear his retainers at all. He had metal on top and bottom. He did not have to wear a headgear, but his friend did and even while he was in school. He said others teased him asking if he got reception with that. The usual pranks.

Friday, July 24, 2009

colored ligatures again

I decided to wear colored ligatures this weekend. It is interesting. I had the purple and the green. It was an interesting contrast to the blue ligatures. I should have taken a pictures.

possibly bent wire

I think I bent a wire again as I ate something hard. I have not had a chance to look as yet as I don't have a mirror handy.

I like my blue ligatures :-).

no brushing last night again

My teeth continues to hurt since the adjustment on Tuesday; normal I guess. the hurt is getting lesser. I did forget to brush last night as I was a bit tired and intoxicated ;-(. I did brush this morning and my teeth still hurts, especially the lower fronts. I think it is 'cause they are wired together.

I did have two mangoes and will have a banana before I leave for work in a few minutes.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

a guy in braces

I saw a guy in braces and was able to talk about his treatment. He had very dark blue ligatures on metal brackets top and bottom. He said he's been in braces for a year and has another year to go. No headgear and no elastics as yet. He did ask me about my treatment and I told him.

a guy in braces

I saw a guy in braces, but did not get a chance to talk with him about his treatment. he has metal brackets top and bottom with light blue ligatures.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Week 126 in pictures

Just got the adjustment done yesterday so I'm in pain today. My lower arch feels so tight it is not funny! I did get new wires on the bottom and she also added some wire ties all across the bottom so this contributed to the pain I am having today :-(.

The blue powerchains go all across the top and bottom so I'm strapped in pretty good.

I brushed this morning without any incident, but really in pain.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

lower gum hurts

My inner left lower gum is hurting as it was bruised by the spring on that side.  I hate it when that occurs.

I had quite a bit of sweets this morning, but it was so good, I could not resist it.  It was quite hard as well, so I know my teeth did not really like that.  Must brush thoroughly before bed.

Dinner was some crackers and cheese.  I tried to eat some mangoes I had, but they had gone bad :-(.

Looks like I need to start dieting once more.

two guys in braces

I saw two guy sin braces today.  One had black powerchains on the bottom and the top and looked like his treatment was almost over.  The other had silver ligatures and no powerchains.  He looked like he had at least another two years to go as he had a lot of work to be done.  Also, he did not have any wire on his top arch.  Not sure why.  I was unable to talk to either about their treatment.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

McDonald's twice :-(

I had McDonald's twice today.  It was not bad as I had chicken sandwiches, but I did have fries both times and also a shake.  It was good that I had the shake, but the chicken tenders were a bit much.

a guy in retainers

I was talking to a guy who I had just met and I mention something about watching what I eat due to braces.  he then piped up and said that he had braces for two years when he was about 16 or so.  He is now early twenties.  He said that he did hate elastics and have not been consistently wearing his retainers at night.  I told him ow important that was and that if he did not do so, he would certainly have to wear braces again.  He then said he will start wearing his retainers at night.

He actually had straight teeth; braces had really done its job.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

she got her braces off today

An ex-colleague of mine for her braces off today.  I think after only about a year.  Lucky :-).  She is bursting with joy.
She gets her retainers next week.

did not eat much today

This morning, I was a bit late so I just had a banana on my way out the door and some water.

Later, for lunch, I just had some tea. Once I got home, I had some crackers and cheese plus some almonds.

I just realized that I really did not eat much today when you think about it at all.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a guy who had jaw surgery

I was looking around the web and found this guy's blog. He's had jaw surgery. It all worked well for him.

Luis Fabiano still in braces?

I did a post about Luis Fabiano on June 17, 2008. I mentioned that he's had braces since 2004. I just saw a picture of him which looks like it was taken in June 2009 and he is still in braces. That's him on the left of course.

Now, this June 23, 2009 picture by AP shows him without braces, so I guess they are off now.


I awoke this morning and brushed without incident. I also added Listerine. I then had some cereal and while I was eating it, I severely wrenched my teeth - ouch! I thought I had dislodged a bracket or something, but that was not the case.

I also had a banana and later two mangoes.

Lunch was crackers with cold cuts and also some almonds which were quite good. Yes, I am wearing my elastics.

You know these brackets are really strong. I can't believe after almost 2.5 years the glue and all the stuff is still holding. Simply amazing.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

popped an elastic

I just popped an elastic as I was eating a toasted bread and a chicken cold cut sandwich. Just the right one popped. The left one stayed in tact. Sometimes I end up eating the elastics and not realizing it.

braces comments

A guy commented on my braces saying that he liked how they looked and he liked to see guys who wear braces.  I said thank you.

I saw a girl in full metallic braces top and bottom today.  She looked like she was almost done with her treatment.  She had faded pink powerchains on top and bottom.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

a guy in braces

I saw a guy in braces while out and about. He had metal brackets top and bottom and had what looked like black ligatures. No powerchains. I did not get a chance to talk to him about his treatment.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

no more beef for me

I brushed this morning without issues. I was able to have some cereal with a banana before heading out to work.

I did have roast beef for lunch which was horrible as it was stuck in that space between the upper left molars. Brushing at lunch time did not take care of it and eventually, I had to get some floss to it. Thankfully it dislodged the really big piece of meat that was causing issues.

Later, I had some vegetarian food which was O.K., but not super. Dinner was some bread as well as a cheese sandwich.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Week 124 in pictures

Week 124

At 124 weeks in all is O.K. The ligatures are very faded though.

There is a gap between the two upper left rear molars as the Ortho tries to move them forward. This will take a long time I think.

There is also gaps between the corresponding teeth on the lower left as well and between the molar and the pre-molar as those teeth move forward.

I did not wear my elastics today, oops...I had a mango that left lots of mango hairs in my teeth that took a little while to brush.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Popping elastics again

I just popped an elastics on the right side.  This occurs from time to time.  All a part of being in braces.  My ligatures are so faded now it is not funny.

girls in braces

I saw two girls today in braces. One had a blue powerchain across the top and in metals. The other had metals as well, but not powerchains and ironically in blue as well. I did not get a chance to talk to either of them.

bent archwire

I seems to have bent the archwire between the two lower right molars. I think I was eating beef on a bone and it bent it. oops. I noticed it this morning when I awoke, not having brushed last night.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Really white teeth

Today, I went to a store to get some food. It was my second time seeing the guy at the register. he has some really white and straight teeth. The first time I met him, I did not have a chance to ask him about his teeth.

This time, he told me that he had braces for three years and have to wear his retainers at nights for life. I could watch him smile all day as he has the perfect smile.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Week 123 in braces and pictures

So I've been having a bit of pain on my left upper canine. Grr...There also have been a bit of a space developing there. Also, the space between the two molars on the upper left has increased quite a bit. My guess is that this will take a bit of time to get fixed.

On the bottom, lots of movement have occurred, that space is really closing up and of course the space behind it is increasing. So looks like I have a long time left in braces.

Here are some pictures of the latest. Oh, the ligatures are really faded now.