Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A visit to the Ortho

I awoke and brushed right away. I did not eat anything as today is Ortho day.

I got to the office about 15 minutes late. I had called on my way in so it was O.K. There was no one waiting when I arrived so I was good to go.

The Ortho took off the old ligatures while the Asst. asked me what color today. I chose black. Them the Ortho prepared a new wire for the top after placing the black powerchains on the bottom arch. She also did and adjustment of the bracket that is attached to the band on the lower right tooth. I think that adjustment will right the tooth as it is a little lop sided. The left side is the same so I am not sure how she will fix that.

The wire on top was changed and a power chain added as well. This went around all the teeth very similar to the bottom. Nice. I could feel the stress on all the teeth as she applied the powerchain.

She did comment that I was not wearing my elastics. I fessed up and told her I had forgotten and gave her the weekend story. I don't think she was too happy as she was awfully quiet.

After applying the ligatures that was it and just before going, she applied two new elastics and gave me a new pack.

I then paid up. I did notice that the Asst. had a bottom retainer. She said that she had started wearing it about four months ago. I had not noticed it before. it did make her talk funny. She said that she did not need braces and the retainer should take care of whatever needed fixing.

I then bade her goodbye and departed.

Lunch was a birthday celebration and I had a chicken sandwich with french fries and a banana. This was all good, except that the the fries were a little hard, but I think that is how it was. The bread was also hard to eat. It was a strain as I had had my adjustment earlier that morning and the pain was starting to kick in.

Later, before bed, I had some crackers for dinner with cheese. I was so tired that I fell asleep without brushing. Crap.

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