Thursday, January 29, 2009

bad elastic boy and a colleague in braces

I got up this morning, brushed and added listerine.  I've been bad for the last two days as I've not worn my elastics.  Last night, I brushed without any issues and added mouthwash.  I've gotten really bad about flossing lately.

I headed off to work where I had a banana as they were out of muffins.  I was so hungry.

My colleague passed by and smiled at me.  OMG, she had braces.  She had talked to me about a year ago and said she was scared, but I'd been an inspiration to her to get them.  So finally on Wednesday she got them.

She has metal bottoms and ceramic tops.  She has a tooth behind just as I did so she has no wire attached to that one either.  Oh the memories.  She had a pinkish ligature which looked pretty cool.  She is talking funny as her mouth gets used to it all.

For lunch it was rice and beans which was fine and later two of my colleagues commented on how good my teeth were looking and did not realize that it's almost been two years now.

My three other colleagues who had braces have all left the company so it is good to have another braces wearer now with whom to trade stories.

At home later, I just had some cake, then crakers.  I did brush and added mouthwash before bed.


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