Thursday, January 29, 2009

bad elastic boy and a colleague in braces

I got up this morning, brushed and added listerine.  I've been bad for the last two days as I've not worn my elastics.  Last night, I brushed without any issues and added mouthwash.  I've gotten really bad about flossing lately.

I headed off to work where I had a banana as they were out of muffins.  I was so hungry.

My colleague passed by and smiled at me.  OMG, she had braces.  She had talked to me about a year ago and said she was scared, but I'd been an inspiration to her to get them.  So finally on Wednesday she got them.

She has metal bottoms and ceramic tops.  She has a tooth behind just as I did so she has no wire attached to that one either.  Oh the memories.  She had a pinkish ligature which looked pretty cool.  She is talking funny as her mouth gets used to it all.

For lunch it was rice and beans which was fine and later two of my colleagues commented on how good my teeth were looking and did not realize that it's almost been two years now.

My three other colleagues who had braces have all left the company so it is good to have another braces wearer now with whom to trade stories.

At home later, I just had some cake, then crakers.  I did brush and added mouthwash before bed.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Week 99

So 99 weeks ago, I got my top braces intalled and what a journey its been.  My teeth are a lot straighter and I'm still a metal mouth.

That space on the lower left is closing nicely as it should.  Though my upper right second to last molar is hurting.  It is irritated somehow.

I awoke this morning without issues, brushed and then started working.  I did not eat anything until lunch, when I had a cheese sandwich.

Later for dinner I had crackers and cheese and then some minestrome soup.  I did brush before bed, but not at lunch time.

I'm having issues with my camera and computer, so will post pictures when I can.

Week 99 in pictues


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Sunday, January 25, 2009

two salads

I awoke this morning and brushed without incident.  I then had a grilled chicken salad with caesar dressing from Burger King.  I had to ensure that I rinsed my mouth with quite a bit of water though.

Later, I had a cheese burger with a salad which was pretty good.  Once home, I had two cheese and turkey sandwiches plus some grapes.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

people in braces

I saw a guy in braces and we chatted about our treatments. He has been in braces for 6 years; yes, 6 years!

He said that his family had some financial issues so it delayed his treatment. He had metallic brackets on both top and bottom with silver ligatures. He said he thinks he has about another year or so to go.

I also saw another guy who has been in braces for about two years now and has 6 more months to go. he has metallic brackets as well with metallic ligatures.

Finally my maitre d' at the iHop where I had dinner was in braces. It's been three years and she gets done in about two months. She had metallic brackets with silver ligatures.

potatoes for lunch

Lunch, was grilled chicken, mash potatoes and brown rice. It was all good and then I brushed after eating.

I had some crackers and cheese later as well.

I did have some pizza and a salad for dinner and then later had a chicken sandwich with some fries.

I did brush before bed.

junk food day

I awoke really late and brushed and added elasics right after.

I ended up having junk food for lunch; chicken sandwich and fries.

I had a lot of cake for dinner, then a salad with some minestrome soup.

Before bed, I did ensure that I brushed.

Friday, January 23, 2009

so far so good

I got up without issues and brushed, added mouthwash and then mouthwash.  I then had some cereal.

Last night I brushed, flossed and added mouthwash.

I'll have a banana on my way out.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

my colleague has to wear elastics now

Once at work, I had a talk with my colleague who had gotten her elastics yesterday for the first time.  She has to wear them 24 hours from top canines to bottom molars.  We talked about them for a bit.  I think she said that her bottom jaw needed to move forward.

For lunch today, I had some black beans and rice, which I had to eat quickly as I had an early meeting.  I actually did not brush until after the meeting, but I was able to rinse though.  Thank heavens as I had a lot of crap in my mouth.

Once home, I had a cheese sandwich, some ice cream and hen finally some grapes before brushing for bed.

no issues

Brushing was fine no issues; that space is huge now.  Good news is that the space in front is closing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week 98 already

I awoke for week 98 and wow.  While brushing I noticed why I was having a tooth ache at the lower left pre-molar.  It has moved a lot and now there is a gaping hole at the root.  So the weeks of the powerchain has worked.  It is a huge hole that you can see in the pictures.  There was always a hole there, but not that big.  Now the teeth are moving forward.  It will be so hard on the molars to move forward ;-(.

I finished brushing and late had some cheese and crackers plus grapes, a banana and a cheese sandwich for lunch.

Later, I really did not have anything as I fell asleep really early and did not even brush my teeth.  I was asleep like at 6:00p.  I needed it though.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We have a new President

It was pizza for lunch as I watched the Inauguration of Barack Obama as #44 President of the U.S.

Later I just had some crackers and cheese before retiring to bed and brushing.  There is a gaping hole in my mouth left by my pre-molar moving forward.

lower pre-molar hurts somewhat

I awoke without issues after brushing, flossing and adding mouthwash. I still feel that lower left pre-molar hurting a bit though.

Monday, January 19, 2009

mango hairs

I had a chicken sandwich with French fries for lunch today which was fine. I did have to brush after lunch as of course there was stuff everywhere.

Once home, I had a mango as well as some junk food. Now the mango hairs are all in my teeth :-(

so far so good

I brushed last night without issues.  There was lots of crap as I had a lot of junk food.

This morning all is well as I awake.  The brackets do feel like they are rubbing my mouth more though :-(.  I'll see if I can have some cereal before heading out today.

ice cream

I had some ice cream just before bed. The mango hairs are still in my teeth. This will make brushing not so fun.

I am also having painwith my lowerleft pre-molar. I guess it is moving.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

junk food all day almost

It was an early wake up without breakfast.  I was able to eat some junk food later; a cake with peanuts.  I did brush when I got up though.

For lunch, it was chicken with pasta and a roll and a salad.  All quite good, but as usual, the salad stuck in the brackets.  I was unable to brush after the meal.

Later, I had some more junk food plus a chicken sandwich.  For dinner, it was some cake.  I did brush before bed.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

McDonald's all day

I awoke really early and had some fruits, a croissant and some yoghurt for breakfast.  I did not have a chacne to brush at all.

Later, I brushed and then had a Mcdonald's chicken sandwich with Fries.  No time for brushing.  At the end of the day for dinner, I had the same meal again.  I did brush before bed though.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Week 97 in pictures - 2 days late

That gap is closing on the right.

annoying braces

Braces are sometimes annoying.  I awoke this morning and the brackets are hurting my gum at the upper right canine :-(.

I brushed and added mouthwash, the same thign I did ast night without any incident.  I'll have a banana at work today.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

a chat about braces

I awoke and headed out without breakfast.  I had no issues brushing and added elastics on my way out the door.

At work, I had a strawberry muffin with a banana.  Lunch was some curry chicken with Spanish rice.  It was all good and easy to eat.  No concern about messing up the ligatures as they are dark colors.

My colleague in braces and i had a talk as she is getting elastics next week.  She had a ton of questions about that so we chatted about it.  It will be a year for her in two weeks.  Time does fly.

Later, I just had a cheese sandwich as well as some crackers before bed and then brushed and added mouthwash.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

97 weeks ago

I awoke this morning, thinking OMG, this is the 97th week since I've had braces.  This has been quite a journey so far.

My teeth are coming along really well.  That space is closing nicely.

Last night, I brushed and added fluoride, but I forgot to use mouthwash.  Oh well.

I had no breakfast and for lunch, I had a chicken caesar salad.  I was a bit hungry later and had two cookies.  Once home I've not eaten anything as yet.

Monday, January 12, 2009

mexican food for lunch

This morning, I got up and brushed without issues. I did not have any breakfast and then headed to work. I did put in elastics before i left the house.

For lunch, I had some Mexican food; chicken enchaladas with chips. It was all good as I ate carefully.

I then brushed once I was back at work realizing that I had forgotten to bring toothpaste once again. I borrowed from a colleague.

Once home, I had some cake as well as crackers and cheese and had some ice cream just before bed.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

did not eat too much today

I was up really early after having some pretzels for a late meal. I did not really have any breakfast and did brush before going to bed and sleeping almost all day.

For dinner, I had some crackers and cheese, plus some cake and ice cream.

I did brush and add mouthwash before going off to bed.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

two guys in braces

I met a guy who had clear braces on both the top and bottom.  He had metallic wires on both.  When I asked him about his treatment, he said that he needed jaw surgery and also had just moved and had interviewed about six Orthos.  he finally found one and in about six months he would have his surgery and hopefully take them off.  He has had them for about two years now.

The other guy says that he's had his for five years now and was ready to take them off, but fell and hit his mouth so he has to wear them a bit longer.  Another few months he thinks.

Friday, January 9, 2009

lower left canine pain

I awoke this morning with a little pain at the lower left canine.  The space is getting smaller and it hurts.  I brushed but did not add mouthwash as my mouth hurts from the wash last night.  This mouthwash is hit or miss sometimes.

I'll have some cereal before heading out.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Week 96 - Adjustment

I had my adjustment this morning. It was nice and sweet. I got new ligatures; now black on top and bronze on the bottom. I kind of like the bronze ones. I think the next time I will get bronze all around unless there is another color.

Next adjustment is Feb 3, 2009 at 9:45a.

a colleague in braces

One of my work colleagues came to see me today and he has braces.  He is about my age or just slightly less.  He got them about three weeks ago and will have them for 1.5 years.  This is his second go at them.  He did not wear the retainers the first time. He had silver ligatures.

no issues

I awoke this morning without any issues. Last night I had brushed, flossed, used mouthwash and added fluoride.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Week 96 in pictures

I awoke without issues on this week 96. I brushed and then had some cereal before heading out. For lunch, I had some Mexican food which was fine. For dinner, come cheese and crackers. Here are some pictures of the week.

I don't know why these are sideways :-(

Not sure why it is sideways.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

no food in the house

I awoke and brushed without issues. I actually thought that this morning this was my apt. but it is actually on Thursday morning. I did put in elastics after brushing.

I did not really have any breakfast as I have no food in the house. So for lunch, I went to the grocery store and got some grapes, mangoes, bread, crackers and some ice cream.

Once back home, I had some crackers, cheese and some bread.

I had some butter pecan ice cream for a very late dinner.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I did not eat much at all

It's Monday! I got up and brushed and headed out.

For lunch, I had some red beans and rice. I did brush after lunch, but a little ways after as I had to meet with some folks.

The lunch lady did comment on how good my teeth was looking.

I also had some chips later.

Dinner: I finished off some crackers I had and some tuna.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

poking wires

I awoke pretty late today and then brushed.  My mouth felt funny as I did not brush last night.  I was just tired and fell asleep before I knew it.  There was a lot of crap hidden in the crevices of my mouth.  i did use some mouthwash after all that.

The areas at the end of my arches are quite sore from the wires moving back and the edge poking my cheeks.  I guess I need some wax there.

I then had a piece of cheese and a slice of brown bread with some Gatorade.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

ice cream is good!

I woke up late and then showered and brushed my teeth. I then applied a fresh set of elastics.

I went out to lunch with a friend of mine and we had Chinese food. I had almond chicken with white rice and a crispy egg roll. It was O.K. I guess. No eating issues. It was a great lunch.

Later I just had a slice of bread with cheese and some cashew nuts and that was it really. Oh, I had some ice cream late at night, butter pecan although I no longer like butter pecans, but the ice cream is really good! I ate the whole pint!

I ended up falling asleep without brushing.

Friday, January 2, 2009

fishy lunch

I awoke and brushed and headed for work. Although I was really hungry, I did not eat anything at all.

For lunch, I went out to a local place and had some fish, rice with pieces of mango. This was really good and I enjoyed it fully. I made sure to brush when I got back to work. Which reminds me, I have to bring in some toothpaste as I am out at work. I had to use some that I had packed in my bag as I had planned on traveling this weekend.

Later, I had just crackers and cheese and some cashew nuts. I did brush before bed and removed the elastics.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

a guy in braces

Well, another start of a year with all this metal in my mouth. Who would have thought.

I tried to get up early, but that did not really work, hehe. I had no toothpaste or toothbrush so I could not brush as I got up.

I did do so before eating breakfast though. I had some eggs with toast and a banana. It all ate wel and I had no issues.

Later , I did see a guy in braces; black powerchains on the top and bottom. He said that he had had them for a very long time now and was going to see if he could get them off next week.

Lunch was a salad with some soup and fruits. it was all good, but the bread I ate was a bit hard. Actually, at one point, I thought that I had cracked a bracket.

I did top it all off with two slices of bread.

Before bed, I did ensure that I brushed.