Saturday, November 22, 2008

lots occured today

I awoke really early and brushed before leaving the house. Later I had a bagel with a banana for breakfast which was actually not bad at all. For lunch, I had a salad and a 1/2 of a pizza. the pizza stuck to my teeth sadly. I was unable to brush.

Later, I met a guy who is in braces. He had had them for almost two years and has two more years to go. He has silver ligatures. I also met a lady who has had her braces removed and now have a permanent retainer on the inside of her bottom teeth. You can actually see it when she speaks as I am taller than she is. I did not get a chance to talk to her about it all.

I also had a long talk with a colleague of mine about braces and crappy teeth. It was quite an interesting talk indeed.

I did have some crackers and cheese as well as some pineapple and grapes.

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